Discover exciting Osmo deals on educational toys at the Australian Toy Sale.

June 13, 2023 / Company News

As the mid-year approaches, parents and toy enthusiasts across Australia eagerly anticipate the annual toy sale season. It’s a time when top-quality toys, including educational and learning-focused options, become more accessible to families. In this blog, we will explore the upcoming Toy Sale in Australia, which kicks off in June and runs until mid-July. We’ll be highlighting some fantastic deals, specifically on Osmo starter kits and games, offering up to 30% discount. These educational toys provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn and develop essential skills. So, let’s dive into the world of toy sales, educational toys, and the exciting offers available this season!

The Toy Sale Season in Australia:

The Toy Sale season in Australia is a highly anticipated event for both children and parents alike. Retailers and online platforms offer enticing discounts, making it the perfect opportunity to stock up on toys that are not only entertaining but also educational. From traditional board games to innovative tech-driven toys, there’s something for every child’s interest and age group.

The Power of Educational Games:

Educational toys play a crucial role in a child’s development. They stimulate creativity, encourage problem-solving skills, enhance cognitive abilities, and promote social interaction. During the Toy Sale, you’ll find a wide range of educational toys that cater to various age groups, ensuring every child gets the opportunity to learn through play.

Osmo Starter Kits: The Perfect Blend of Fun and Learning:

Osmo is a renowned brand that combines technology with hands-on learning. Their starter kits encompass various themes like Genius Starter Kit, Creative Starter Kit, Coding Starter Kit, Little Genius Starter Kit, Pizza Co Game, and Detective Agency Game, captivating young minds with endless possibilities. With Osmo’s interactive games, children can learn math, problem-solving, coding, drawing, and even run their own pizza shop or become detectives! During this toy sale, these engaging kits are available at an incredible 30% discount, making them an excellent investment for parents and educators alike.

a. Osmo Genius Starter Kit:

This kit combines physical objects and digital interaction to engage children in a world of problem-solving and critical thinking. It covers subjects like math, spelling, and creative drawing, making learning an enjoyable experience. 

b. Osmo Creative Starter Kit:

Ideal for budding artists, this kit allows children to bring their drawings to life using the Osmo creative board. It encourages imagination, visual thinking, and fine motor skills development.

c. Osmo Coding Starter Kit:

Introduce your child to the exciting world of coding with this kit. It helps them learn the fundamentals of coding through hands-on play, fostering logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

d. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit:

Designed for preschoolers, this kit nurtures early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills. With interactive stories, puzzles, and games, it provides a holistic learning experience for young children, ages 3-5.

e. Osmo Pizza Co. and Detective Agency:

These interactive games make learning even more engaging. In Pizza Co., children learn about entrepreneurship, money management, and basic math while running their own pizza shop. Detective Agency offers a thrilling adventure that builds geography and critical thinking skills.

Unleashing the Benefits of Osmo Preschool Toys:

Preschool toys play a vital role in shaping young minds. They promote early childhood development, enhance motor skills, boost language acquisition, and encourage social interaction. The Toy Sale features a wide range of preschool toys, including puzzles, building blocks, musical instruments, and more, all at discounted prices.

Making the Most of the Toy Sale:

To ensure you don’t miss out on the incredible deals during the Toy Sale, here are a few tips:

a. Plan Ahead:

Make a list of the toys you’re interested in purchasing, especially focusing on educational options. Research the prices, features, and reviews beforehand to make informed decisions.

b. Check Online and Physical Stores:

During the exciting toy sale of 2023, Osmo’s Starter Kits and games will be available at unbeatable prices on and in over 150 physical stores across Australia. This presents a fantastic opportunity for parents, educators, and toy enthusiasts to explore and acquire these engaging educational tools. Osmo’s Starter Kits offer a unique blend of technology and hands-on learning, catering to various interests and age groups. There is a wide range of options to choose from, whether it’s math, problem-solving, coding, or even running a pizza shop, Osmo’s games provide an interactive and immersive learning experience for children. Additionally, serves as another convenient platform to access these incredible Toy Sale deals.

With Osmo’s presence in multiple channels, both online and offline, customers can easily find and purchase these products throughout the toy sale period, from mid-June to mid-July. Don’t miss this chance to enhance learning through play with Osmo’s Starter Kits and games, available at, Big W stores, and

Keep Playing, Keep Learning.

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