5 Creative Easter Games

March 15, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

These Easter games can be enjoyed with the whole family!

Egg Race : Easter Games for Kids

Here’s one of the best Easter kids learning games! To begin with, make egg cutouts from cardboard, and give 2 cutouts to teams of 2 players. Once each team has 2 egg cutouts, begin the race!

For the race, one player needs to stand on one egg cutout, while the second player of the same team places the second cutout in front of the first cutout to allow the first player to “hop” to it. They need to work together really efficiently so they can win!

Matching Eggs : Easter Games for Children

If you’re looking for indoor Easter games for kids, we’ve got you covered. Take a couple of plastic eggs and fill each pair with different objects. Kids need to shake the eggs, estimate what’s inside each and match the eggs accordingly. This tests your child’s sensory skills too!

Capture the Egg : Indoor Easter Games

First, divide kids into 2 teams and assign each team a specific color. Next, line up eggs of one team’s color on one side of the room, and line up eggs of the other team’s color on the other side of the room. The aim is for each team to try and collect the eggs of the other team and get them to their side of the room! The best Easter games and activities for kids at home are after all those that include lots of movement.

Egg Rolling : Easter Games to Play

Place an egg in front of each player so that they roll it with a wooden spoon. Whichever player rolls their egg to the finish line the quickest wins! You could even have them paint their egg first before they roll it to make it more challenging. So whoever completes both tasks the fastest would be the winner.

Egg Decoration Competition : Easter Games for Kids

Here’s one of the best family Easter games that foster creativity and imagination. Give each child a plastic egg, along with a set of paintbrushes, glitter, stickers, paints, and glue. Children need to awaken their artistic skills and decorate their eggs in the best way possible. The player with the most creative-looking egg wins!

With these Easter games, we hope you and your little ones can spend some quality time together while having a blast! Make sure to shop our ‘Learnament of Champions’ sale too!