Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Fun Learning Games and Activities for Kids

February 19, 2020 / DIY & Printable

Valentine’s Day is a day for love. While it’s more popular to celebrate romantic love, you can also make it a celebration of family and friends with some activities and fun learning games for kids. Here are a few ways to make the day special for everyone:

Write love notes for your children

You can write down something that you admire about your kids on a post-it and stick it up on their door. Either it is for cleaning their room, or helping you set the table the day before, they will know their efforts are seen and they are apprecitaed.

Use colors to fill this Valentine’s day wish!

Read to your Kids 

You can read stories to your children about love. By reading to your children, you can ensure they pick up language skills and develop a love of reading themselves. You can also use interactive word games to learn terms that revolve around love, empathy and compassion. 

Make cards for each other 

Handmade cards go the extra mile when it comes to expressing love for each other in the family. When you give a handmade card to a loved one, it shows that you have put the time and effort into making something personal for them, making it even more special.

Try using this Osmo-tine card for your loved one:

Make a Meal Together

Apart from playing, another thing kids really love is food (a sentiment we can share)! You and your kids can spend quality time together whipping up some delicious heart-shaped pancakes coated with strawberry syrup (or maple, whichever you and your family prefers). You can even try making homemade mini-pizzas in shapes of hearts. This is a tasty way to make Valentine’s Day fun for your kids.

Give small treats to friends

Valentine’s day is also a great day for kids to show their love to their friends. You can help them pick up (or even make) chocolates, stickers, and cards to share with their friends.

Play games to celebrate Valentine’s day

Playing games together as a family can be fun and bring the family closer together. Apart from family bonding, playing educational games also helps children build essential skill sets such as cognitive thinking and social emotional skills.

Osmo learning systems have a unique blend of hands-on learning and digital engagement that promote effective learning. Here are some of the games you can personalize for Valentine’s Day 

  • Osmo Genius Words is a fun word game that you can use to grow your children’s vocabulary. On Valentine’s day you can upload images that indicate love and ask them to guess what the images mean while practicing spelling. 
  • Osmo Genius Masterpiece game let you trace a virtual outline on paper. It’s a great tool for kids to add a personal touch to the cards they make. They can draw love-themed objects on craft paper and make beautifully personalized cards for friends and family.

As parents, you can use a mix of fun treats, activities and creative games to make Valentine’s Day special for your kid and everyone in the family. Have fun!