Brain Game Activities for Kids That Encourage a Growth Mindset

April 12, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

When kids have a growth mindset, they understand that intelligence isn’t a fixed trait and it’s possible to achieve a goal with hard work. Here are some brain games for kids strategies to help your child develop a growth mindset.

Model a Growth Mindset Yourself-Brain Stimulating Games

Brain stimulating games: Oftentimes your kids will mimic your actions without you realizing it. When you put yourself down, you may wind up teaching your little one to do the same. Fun mind games: In these situations, show your kids how to be resilient instead. You can model a growth mindset by asking your child to repeat positive affirmations such as “I can do this!” and “Practice makes perfect!”

Set Goals Together-Fun Mind Games to Play

A goal can be something as simple as reading every day or making breakfast together every weekend. You can track progress by hanging a calendar and marking each day your child works on their goal with a star! Fun mind games to play, activity teaches your child that they can be good at anything if they practice and work hard. (Maybe you can set a goal to play an hour of Osmo’s iPad learning games every day!)

Avoid Saying “Gifted”-Brain Stimulating Games

Brain stimulating games: Overemphasizing kids’ “giftedness” can give the impression that intelligence and knowledge are innate and fixed. So, instead of praising kids for being smart or gifted, focus on areas that are in their control, such as effort.

Praise Hard Work-Brain Booster Games

Brain booster games: It’s normal for your child to feel upset if their team loses a game or they receive a low grade on a test. Sometimes they might even be afraid to tell you what happened because they feel they might be letting you down. These are excellent opportunities to instill a growth mindset with fun mind games. Let your little one know that their mistakes don’t define them. Encourage them to always give their best effort!

Use Positive Language-Brain Games for Kids

Finally, take every chance to promote positive thinking brain games for kids. For instance, tell your kids to trust themselves and always try their best. Give them mantras they can use when they face challenges with these fun mind games.

If you’ve heard your little one saying something like, “I’m not good at this subject!” or “I’m going to lose anyway,” it might be the perfect time to start working on a growth mindset. You can count on Osmo for educational learning games the brain games for kids that teach your child to keep trying and never give up!