Epic Black Friday SALE on Osmo Games and Starter Kits!

November 22, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

Shop our Black Friday sale deals on the following games and kits from November 22nd to November 28th

  • Explorer Starter Kit (iPad and Fire)
  • Genius Starter Kit (iPad and Fire)
  • Little Genius Starter Kit (iPad and Fire)
  • Creative Starter Kit (iPad and Fire)
  • Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night (iPad and Fire)
  • Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure (iPad and Fire)
  • Coding Starter Kit (iPad and Fire)
  • Monster
  • Pizza Co.
  • Detective Agency
  • Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends
  • Super Studio Disney Princess
  • Super Studio Disney Frozen 2

Explorer Starter Kit (Ages 5-10): Kids Toys Sale

Toy deal: Being Osmo’s most complete STEAM kit, Explorer Starter Kit features 9 interactive kids’ games from Genius Starter Kit and Coding Family. (Tangram, Words, Newton, Masterpiece, Numbers, Monster, Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo)

Genius Starter Kit (Ages 6-10): Toys Sale Online

Toys sale online: This kit includes everything your kids need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun through 5 fun-filled games: Tangram, Words, Newton, Masterpiece, and Numbers.

Little Genius Starter Kit (Ages 3-5): Toy Deal

Toy Deal: This kit features 4 preschool games that help early learners learn core subjects through hands-on play. (ABCs, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, Stories)

Creative Starter Kit (Ages 4-10: Kids Toys Sale

Creative Starter Kit is kids toys sale that blends real-life doodles with on-screen action through 3 fun games for kids: Monster, Newton, Masterpiece.

Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night (Ages 6-10): Toy Deal

This toy deal kit features 2 new educational games in addition to the 5 existing STEM activities for kids in the Genius Starter Kit:

1. Tangram – Improve spatial awareness as you arrange tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes

2. Words – Solve word puzzles and expand your vocabulary

3. Newton – Learn about acceleration through creative problem-solving

4. Masterpiece – Supercharge your drawing skills with an interactive drawing tool

5. Numbers – Learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication through hands-on play

6. Math Buzz – Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication as you avoid wasps to collect honey in the garden

7. Lettertopia – Boost spelling and word-building skills while collecting creatures as

Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure (Ages 3-5): Kids Toys Sale

This kids toys sale kit features 2 new best math games for kids in addition to the 4 existing games in the Little Genius Starter Kit:

1. ABCs – Develop early literacy skills as you build letters with squishy Sticks & Rings

2. Squiggle Magic – Foster pre-drawing skills by creating anything you want with squishy Sticks & Rings

3. Costume Party – Experiment with clothes and colors as you dress up characters for a party

4. Stories – Use creativity and logical thinking to navigate obstacles on an adventure

5. Shape Builder – Learn about geometric shapes while designing a magic mansion 

6. Counting Town – Practice counting as you build numbers with squishy, colorful Sticks & Rings

Coding Starter Kit (Age 5-10): Toys Sale Online

Toy Deal: Build coding skills in progression with 3 hands-on learning games!

1. Coding Awbie – String together commands to guide Awbie on an epic strawberry-munching adventure

2. Coding Jam – Arrange coding blocks in patterns and loops to compose your own music

3. Coding Duo – Help strawberry-loving Awbie and friendly monster Mo work together to overcome brain-stretching challenges using coding commands

  • Monster (Ages 4-9) – Create drawings that come to life with help from Mo the friendly monster on this kids toys sale. You will receive on-screen encouragement and feedback at each step in this game!
  • Pizza Co. (Ages 5-12) – Run your very own pizza shop, cater to customers’ requests, and manage your business! You’ll develop fast-paced mental math skills, social-emotional skills and entrepreneurial knowledge with this fun-filled game on this black friday sale.
  • Detective Agency (Ages 5+): Kids toys sale – Travel to six famous cities, inspect hundreds of clues with your magnifying glass, and learn about geography and cultures around the world.
  • Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends (Ages 5-11) – Kids toys sale, Embark on an epic blockbusting adventure with Mickey Mouse and his friends! You’ll learn to draw and animate your own shows starring famous Disney characters.
  • Super Studio Disney Princess (Ages 5-11) – Toys sale online, Discover the creativity of drawing while connecting with Disney princesses Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel! You’ll learn to draw, get royally dressed-up, and help your princesses through multiple adventures.
  • Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 (Ages 5-11) – Toy deal, Learn fundamental drawing techniques as you journey through Arendelle and the lands beyond! You’ll get to draw, color, and even add glitter, as you put your art into your favorite Frozen moments.

These kids toys sale games could also serve as perfect holiday gifts for your little ones! Whether you’re looking to shop for Thanksgiving gifts for kids or Christmas games, we’ve got you covered.