A Brilliant Tips from Teachers To Parents On Homeschool Ideas

March 25, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

As so many schools have closed, the regular classes have been interrupted, giving way to alternatives like educational games an homeschool ideas. The responsibility of schooling has fallen more and more on the parents, who are turning to fun learning games for kids and activities to supplement some of the learning. Parents, though are realizing the importance of the role of the teacher in the life of their children like never before. In fact, a recent study conducted by Osmo found that 80 percent of parents with kids who go to school have a newfound respect for teachers and 69 percent have come to believe that a teacher’s job is harder than their own. Parents have come to realise how difficult it is to teach children and how much patience is required in handling them. To teach children lessons is one thing but getting them to really understand what they are learning and know how to use those lessons in the real world requires an extra level of skill.

So how do the teachers do it at school?

  • They add an element of fun by integrating lessons with creativity in children’s play to engage them in the driest of concepts. From teaching science experiments with cooking to doing a backyard number hunt to teach calculation, teachers find engaging ways to teach.
  • They ensure each kid gets the attention he deserves, teaching him one-on-one when need be, engaging him in interactive activities for kids that can personalize learning.
  • They keep it real and relevant. They use dynamic activities to teach subjects such as math. For instance, they get students to plan a fundraising event for a cause close to their heart by ensuring their expenses are not higher than the money they raise.  

Replicating all these strategies used by teachers at home can be a little difficult because it is a totally different environment. It’s nearly impossible to replicate the camaraderie of a classroom and friends. But borrow from these tips and do what you can.

Younger children need more stimulation and structure to keep them occupied and learning throughout the day. A good way to do that is by engaging them with fun learning toys. Fuel their drive to learn with the Osmo Monster experience. The fun homeschool games taps into a child’s imagination, giving them the tools to draw and create a whole new world of adventure and magic with Monster Mo.

Older children can have the independence of learning by themselves with homeschool activity ideas learning games. Some of the best learning games for kids uncomplicate the hard-to-focus-on subjects with hands-on play. Osmo’s Newton, Words, Numbers, and Tangram teaches concepts of Physics, language, and math with interesting puzzles and activities and will keep them occupied with learning for hours. These best homeschool board games grow with your children, becoming more challenging as they advance, so parents can regularly monitor how kids are progressing.

Beyond that, keep it realistic. You might not be able to go all-out and fun homeschool games your kids as efficiently as a teacher would in school, but that’s ok.