The Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers

July 29, 2020 / Parent Resources

Little ones love to imagine, explore, and create! Below are a few of our favorite preschool educational toys for kids that tap into their innate creativity and keep their hands busy.


Blocks help kids understand math concepts like height, length, and weight. They can also promote social and emotional growth when kids take turns building and expressing their ideas for the structure. Blocks can also be a way to practice language skills. For example, you can encourage your child to describe the structure they’ve created as different shapes.

Can Knock Down

If you’re looking for age-3 learning games, this is an easy and fun one to set up! All you need is six clean, empty cans and a few beanbags. The goal of the game is to topple as many stacked cans as possible by throwing the bean bags. If you don’t have bean bags or cans at home, you can always improvise with stuffed socks and plastic cups. This fun game is great for building focus and hand-eye coordination.

The Balancing Act

Balance and coordination are two important skills we build in early childhood. A great way to promote these skills is with balancing games. For instance, you can have the kids dance while balancing props on their heads. The last one to drop their prop while dancing wins! Alternately, you can have a balancing race in which dropping the prop means starting over. These balancing games help your child strengthen the core muscles involved in everyday movement.

Cup Stacking

Who knew plastic cups could keep your child so entertained? Beyond helping your little one develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, cups are a mess-free way to get creative. Kids can fit the cups together, turn them over, or even hide them underneath each other. The best preschool educational toys are those that are simple and engaging!

Preschool Toys from Osmo

If you’re looking for plugged-in activities for your child, check out Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit. With four hands-on interactive games, your child will learn how to form letters and words, acquire pre-drawing skills, and develop spatial awareness, creativity, and emotional intelligence. 

These creative games to play and indoor games for kids enable children to grow holistically. Visit our website to discover more of our best learning games for kids of various ages.