Simple Behavior Games for Kids to Teach Manners

April 9, 2021 / Parent Resources

With good manners, kids can understand consideration, honesty, and can form stronger relationships with people. Our simple manner games for kids will help your little one practice great manners and treat others with courtesy and respect.

Gracious Greetings-Manner Games:

Host a pretend party at your home and invite the guests of honor: your kids! You can have them ring your doorbell, and then encourage them to use simple manner games techniques like eye contact, a firm handshake, a warm smile, followed by polite greetings such as “thank you so much for having me”, or “it’s nice to meet you”. If you’re looking for an iPad learning game to teach good manners and behavior games to your child, look no further than Osmo’s Pizza Co. This game will teach your little one how to treat customers at their very own virtual pizza shop.

Giving and Receiving Compliments-Manner Games for Kids:

Have your child paint a star on a sheet of paper, and then stick it on the wall. This area could be like a little compliment corner! Every time they receive a compliment from family or friends, and they respond with a gracious “thank you”, they will need to pin sequins to the star. Similarly, they will be rewarded if they give compliments as well. You can make them use pins of different colors for giving and receiving compliments an behavior games in order to differentiate between the two. They can then count how many compliments they’ve given, and how many they’ve received by these manner games.

Apology Charades-Manner Games for Kids:

Enact a bad-behavior scenario for your child (silently) and have them identify the behavior. For example, you could act as if you’ve slipped on a banana peel that had been thrown on the floor. This game will spark your kids’ imagination, teach them not only to be cautious about their surroundings, and also to apologize for their actions. After they apologize, an manner games for kids

you can show them how to graciously accept an apology as well by these manner games for kids.

Expressing Gratitude-Behavior Games:

This activity behavior games is a great way for your child to practice gratitude. All you need to do is tie a piece of ribbon around your little one’s wrist. Over the course of the week, you can add a knot for each expression of gratitude he/she makes! One thank-you bead could be for tangible things like “thank you for the delicious pizza”, or “thank you for helping me with my homework”, and two for intangibles like “I’m glad to be part of this family.” or “I really appreciate you”. Bonus points can be awarded for more creative expressions of gratitude!

Friendly Potato-Manner Games for Kids:

Here are some Fun games to play indoors and manner games for kids with the entire family! First, you can generate some conversational topics such as “birthdays” or “hobbies” and then have the players pass a potato back and forth while they take turns to speak on the topic for a minute or two. Manner games for kids: This is a great way to teach your children how to have artful conversations – to listen without interrupting and not talk excessively without giving the other person the chance to speak.

Dining Room Do’s and Don’ts-Manner Games:

Assign the role of a dining room officer to your little one so they can police the table during mealtime. They will need to make sure that good table manners are followed, such as not chewing too loudly, avoiding food wastage, or spillage. Any violations of manners could result in tickets which could be paid with an apology! You can get creative and make the police duty seem more real by creating an officer’s badge using craft paper or cardboard.

Phone Etiquette-Good behavior Game:

Good behavior game: Make your little one call your cell phone from the house phone and role-play an interaction! You could pretend to be someone in a library, or a receptionist at a clinic, or a restaurant. The possibilities are endless. Teach your child how to introduce themselves over the phone, speak clearly, and be courteous. Once they feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities, they can make a call for real. Our manners board game can also be a great way to improve your child’s speaking skills.
Try incorporating these manner games into your child’s daily routine to encourage them to practice good manners. We also offer a wide range of behavior games and manners board game that teach preschool stem activities for kids concepts in super fun ways!