Beat Boredom with these Learning Games

March 28, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Are you struggling to keep your kids occupied while you work from home?  If boredom is an all-time high in your house, you can restore some peace and quiet with educational learning games. These preschool learning games and activities let your kids blow off some steam, express their creativity and learn in the process. Osmo’s interactive and learning games are the perfect way to engage kids who have a hard time taking their eyes off the screen.

How Osmo works:

  1. Place your tablet on a compatible Osmo Base and secure the red reflector over the tablet camera
  2. Use the game pieces or stuff from around the house to play
  3. Osmo scans the play space and brings your child’s movements to life on the screen

Here are some favorite Osmo games: 

Pizza Co.:

Is your little one an entrepreneur in the making? Our free learning number game will teach them to run their own business, collect revenue, and make investments, all while building math skills. Running their virtual pizza stand, kids learn how to read nonverbal social cues. This pizza game for kids fosters confidence, creativity and resilience.


Osmo reimagined this ancient Chinese puzzle as a multi-level game to inspire your kids to play and solve challenges independently for extended periods of time. Plays put tangible puzzle game pieces together to form animals, numbers, human shapes and more. It teaches basic geometry while building hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.


Whether your child is an aspiring artist or an occasional doodler, this preschool learning games will build their fine-motor and creative skills! The Masterpiece drawing app transforms photos into outlines for kids to trace. Kids can trace the object onto just about any surface as long as the object can be placed within the Osmo reflector’s view. Drawing games teach kids how to process information.


It’s a spelling race! To play, kids must guess and spell secret words first Kids and parents can choose words from a range of categories, create their word packs, or download packs from the Osmo site to promote a wider vocabulary.

Coding Awbie:

This first grade learning games for kids is so fun they don’t even realize they are learning the fundamentals of coding. In Coding Awbie, players guide Awbie to collect strawberries using colorful blocks of code that represent computer commands.    

All these boredom-busting games are sure to keep kids entertained and engaged.  Set your child up with Osmo and you can have quiet time, too.