Back to School Readiness with 15% off on Osmo Coding games

August 26, 2019 / Company News

Stocking up on your children’s back-to-school supplies? Try coding for kids!

Computer literacy is considered a basic skill with today’s technology, and coding is at its center. The sooner you start your children off with coding, the more chances they stand to gain from its benefits. Coding cultivates computational thinking in children and introduces them to new ways of problem-solving. Educational games for kids that teach coding to children is a way to start inspiring your children to learn coding. 

Why Coding

Coding can shape children’s cognitive processes through self-directed learning while enhancing logical and analytical thinking. These games are bound to bring out those treasured eureka! moments when children hit upon a solution. They will also be able to learn how to increase attention spans and focus while they learn to code. Coding for kids also improves memory and helps children learn better. Coding games for kids is the ideal tool to prepare children for going back to school.

Osmo Coding and getting children school ready

Osmo Coding games for kids keep them engaged with its interactive digital interface while physical coding blocks provides essential hands-on play. Feedback is instant and hence it enables fast-paced learning to hold children’s interest for longer periods of time. Children will want to keep learning.

Osmo Coding Awbie game lets children go on a hunt for strawberries as the cuddle worthy character Awbie. Children use physical coding blocks to get across various terrains and find food for Awbie. They will learn if and conditional statements while guiding a hungry Awbie. Children can also code with others at the same time to learn  collaboration and coordination. Osmo Coding Awbie fosters critical and analytical thinking skills to solve any problem they may encounter on the way.

Osmo Coding Jam game combines the proven benefits of music and coding to enhance children’s development. Children will learn to mix and match various combinations of sounds and tempos to create musical masterpieces. It introduces a game piece for subroutines. Subroutines are a set of (coding) instructions which can be repeatedly used for different tasks. Osmo Coding Jam encourages children to get creative and enhance their artistic skills as well. 

Osmo Coding Duo has children code in tandem as characters Mo the Monster and Awbie. Children will need the coding game pieces for both Osmo Coding Awbie and Osmo Coding Jam to play Osmo Coding Duo. Children over the age of 7 can learn to code, collaborate and have a great time playing the game. This game is bound to build patience in your children, and an appreciation for collaboration.

If you’re thinking about equipping your children with the latest in coding gear, beat the back to school rush and save money with the season special of 15% off on all Osmo coding games. Upgrade your children’s learning with Osmo Coding games and get your child ready to ace the school year!