Augmented Reality to Enhance Educational Learning Games

October 23, 2019 / Parent Resources

Augmented reality (AR) works on the principle of superimposing a digital image or video onto the real world. While this has been in use since the advent of the heads-up display in airplanes around the 1970’s, it has only now been widely used in educational and entertainment tech. The right AR tool can help generate engaging self-guided experiences which make learning fun and more retainable.    

Using gamification for educational purposes makes learning fun by completing game objectives. Learning enterprises are already using board games and online games to help children learn language, math and science. AR enhances game play by providing experiences that transcend the restrictions of play equipment and the space needed to use them. Here, real-world space and objects can be adapted to be part of the game play. This will enable games to provide a personalized experience that promotes engagement. 

Learning experiences enriched by AR for children

AR tech is especially beneficial for children who are into digital media. AR can be used to create immersive experiences for students regardless of location. AR also unlocks new learning opportunities which would otherwise be impractical in real life, such as virtual tours of worldwide locations as a part of classroom sessions. Parents and teachers can encourage children to develop a healthy imagination and work towards better knowledge retention using AR assisted learning methods. 

AR can provide a better mode of learning than prevalent standardized forms of learning text, images or video. There’s an opportunity for using interactive digital media to spruce up static content that are available for children. Parents can help children learn by doing using the kinesthetic component of learning. 

Educational Games Using AR

Osmo learning systems use an optimal blend of digital media and real world game pieces as part of an AR system to help children learn. Its game play retains the virtue of hands-on play while using digital media to engage children in the learning experience. 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit includes educational iPad games which enhance skills in math, language and cognitive domains. Osmo Genius Words game helps children learn spelling by getting them to guess the name of an image on-screen. Children can play Osmo Genius Words game with others, a colorful online character, or even have fun playing by themselves.

Osmo Genius Numbers game is for all you parents out there who are looking to get your children interested in math. It basically transforms math into a game, with children solving math challenges to fill a tank with water and colorful fish. 

Osmo Genius Newton game lets children practice physics in real time. Children have to direct balls towards a target area by drawing lines or using everyday objects. 

Osmo Genius Masterpiece game is great for children who are working on their penmanship. Children can draw any image or object by tracing an onscreen outline onto paper. Kids can pick up fine motor skills while learning how to draw.

Osmo Genius Tangram game is a fun take on math, especially geometry where children build their spatial reasoning skills. Kids will have fun assembling colorful geometric tiles to look like people, animals and objects. 

AR is a hybrid of current educational technologies bringing together the best of both worlds – the digital and physical in real time. Parents can complement their children’s learning efforts during playtime by choosing the right AR based educational learning games for kids.