Apple Brings Osmo’s Universe of Hands-On Play and Learning to Even More Schools, Teachers and Students

April 9, 2018 / Company News

Apples and teachers go together like strawberries and friendly coding creatures. So everyone here at Osmo was honored to have our hands-on, mixed-reality experiences, like Coding Awbie and Tangrams, featured on stage during Apple’s recent announcement about the new educational tools it’s bringing to classrooms.

We’re proud of our community of over 100,000 teachers and 30,000 schools around the globe that include us in their classrooms. Already featured for many years in Apple stores worldwide, we’re excited to share Osmo’s magical universe of fun learning experiences with even more teachers and students via the new iPad designed for the classroom.

Osmo, side-by-side with our friends at Apple

Hands-On Fun and Learning

Hands-on fun and learning are at the heart of the Osmo experience and it’s the power of iPad that helps our proprietary Reflective AI technology to “see” the physical objects that allow children to play beyond the screen.

And just as Apple is working to make iPad available to more students, Osmo is making sure that every kid can find an engaging hands-on experience, whether practicing basics skills with Words or Numbers, learning to code with Awbie, creating works of art with Masterpiece or racing real Hot Wheels™ cars in Mindracers.

Quality Screen Time

Digital tools have the potential to be powerful portals to fun and learning, but the effects of screen time are on the minds of many parents and teachers. And for good reason.

Pediatric research shows that screen time alone does not give kids the tools for success. More and more students are showing weakening motor skills and the inability to hold a pencil properly.

That’s why it so important to give kids greater access to engaging experiences anchored in physical interaction that explore creativity, entrepreneurial skills and stem activities for kids, in addition to traditional experiences like spelling, math and physics.

We’re honored that our approach has garnered attention from incredible partners, like Apple, Mattel, Sesame Ventures and Houghton Mifflin, who share our vision for magical learning and play experiences that combine the physical and digital worlds.