Ambassador of the Week: Madelyn Lombardo

June 25, 2018 / Educator Resources Ambassador Madelyn has been passionate about Osmo far longer than she’s been an ambassador! This passion has been evident in the presentations she does, the efforts she makes in ensuring she has enough Osmo to go around, and in the message she sends to her community via the coding clubs she leads. We’re so honored that Madelyn wanted to become an official part of our community! Thank you, Madelyn!


Ms. Lombardo, in her own words:

“I fell in love with Osmo as soon as I took it out of the box and I knew that there were many other educators that would have the same feeling but didn’t know about Osmo yet! I wanted to become an Osmo Ambassador so that I could spread that Osmo love to all! My kids at the Tully Free Library are so excited when Osmo comes out no matter what age they are! I even have older teens who love playing Tangram puzzle game so much I can’t get it away from them! Osmo has made it possible for me to do incredible coding programs for my Little Coders. It makes coding and computer science skills a cinch to demonstrate!”


Connect with Ms. Lombardo: @MadelynAnita ?