Why All Kids Should Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

July 21, 2020 / Parent Resources

Kids are entrepreneurs by nature. They are always exploring, tinkering, dreaming, and diving into educational games with curiosity. Did you know some of the world’s greatest innovations, including popsicles and trampolines, were created by kids?

In our ever-changing world, nurturing your child’s entrepreneurial mindset will help them move through school and life with ease. Even if your children do not want to grow up to be entrepreneurs, teaching them entrepreneurship develops skills like problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and persistence.

Kids are at the perfect age to embrace the unknown that many entrepreneurs face every day. Here’s how to raise entrepreneurial kids who are not afraid of failure:

How to teach kids entrepreneurship

The fastest way to teach kids anything is through play. Parents can use fun and creative means, like interactive games for kids, to promote an entrepreneurial mindset.

Build tenacity with challenging games

As a parent, sometimes you need to jump in when your kids encounter a problem they cannot solve. But kids learn best when you let them work out solutions on their own. Games like checkers and chess teach kids to be resilient when confronted with a challenge.

Promote problem-solving with practicality

Inspire your budding entrepreneur to think creatively with puzzles for kids! One favorite is Shape Sudoku, which uses nine different shapes instead of numbers. Augmented reality (AR) gaming systems such as Newton also engage kids in problem-solving.

Teach teamwork through fun activities

What better way to teach kids entrepreneurial skills than by letting them run their own business? When kids work together to create a business – whether it’s a lemonade stand or an online shop – they learn what it takes for teams to be successful.

Kickstart creativity with educational games

Creativity grows when kids are able to let their imaginations run wild. Creative games like Osmo Monster give kids space to experiment and innovate.

With these educational games you can foster confidence and curiosity in your child. Having an entrepreneurial mindset will unlock so many opportunities for your kids. Get started with these games and prepare your kids for bright and fulfilling futures.