5 Valuable Skills Taught by Household Activities Games for 8 Year Olds

March 30, 2021 / Parent Resources

Did you know that simple household chores could teach valuable life skills to your child? Here are 5 important skills taught by household activities for 8 year olds:

Responsibility-Activities for 8 Year Olds

Activities for 8 Year Olds: When you ask your child to pick up fallen toys or dirty clothes off the floor, they learn to be responsible and accountable for their actions. You can add an element of fun to this activity by appointing someone to be Inspector Clutter! The laundry basket could be called the “basket jail”, and they could roam around the house picking up all the clutter and putting it inside the “jail”.

Self-Reliance-Learning Games for 8 Year Olds

Games for 8 year olds: The next time you load the washing machine, why not take help from your little one? As this becomes a habit, they can learn to do it on their own and be more independent. Another activity that can teach them to practice self-reliance is the simple activity of pairing socks together. If some socks don’t have pairs, turn them into dust mitts to remove dust from furniture and the like. Play some music in the background to make this a less monotonous chore.

Confidence-Games for 8 Year Olds

As kids feel like they’re contributing to the house and taking responsibility, they instantly feel more confident about themselves! You can also hide treats, pennies, or stickers under knickknacks and tell them that they can only get the rewards once they’re done with their chore. This will make them feel more accomplished and motivated to help at home. 

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Time Management-Fun Games for 8 Year Olds

After a meal, you could set a 10-minute timer and have your kids clean the table, and put any leftovers inside the fridge. Similarly, you could set a time limit for other chores like making the bed, washing the dishes, or sweeping the floor. These learning games for 8 year olds activities will teach your child to prioritize and effectively manage their time.

Helpfulness and Contribution-Games to Play with 8 Year Olds

Ask your little one to help you cook, mow your lawn, fold clothes, and even do small things like picking out a fun movie to watch for family night, or counting change to pay for the pizza. When kids learn to be more helpful at home, they extend this habit with their friends as well! An educational games for 8 year olds that enables kids to feel responsible and take ownership is Osmo’s Pizza Co.
We hope you enjoyed reading about these household activities for 8 year olds. If you’re looking for more creative games to play, check out our fun games for 8 year olds and activities for 8 year olds!