Activities for 8 year olds that Combine Learning And Fun

March 31, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Cooped up at home and tired of hearing “I’m bored” from your older kids? These activities for 8-year-olds are educational, fun and great alternatives to plugged-in, tech-based activities.

Indoor Games for 8 year Olds – Explore the World Atlas

Atlas is a conversational game that reinforces geography knowledge while fostering sportsmanship and intellectual curiosity. This indoor games for kids for two or more players starts with the first player stating the name of any city or country that starts with a chosen letter from the alphabet. The next player going clockwise will then have to say the name of a place starting with the last letter of that city or country. For example, if one player says “Norway,” then the next player could say “Yemen,” and so on. Players who repeat or cannot name a place are eliminated until only a winner is left! Check out Osmo’s Detective Agency game as another way to fuel your child’s interest in geography.

Activities for 8 year olds – Improve Your Vocabulary Scrabble

Scrabble is an ideal fun activities for 8 year olds to build their vocabulary and cognitive abilities at the same time. Maximizing points requires strategic thinking because a player must balance the interactive game of letter count and placement. If you don’t own the standard Scrabble game, you can use Osmo’s Words tiles from the Genius Starter Kit and a printable board to play. Other examples of things to do with an 8 year old include chess, Catan and Monopoly. All of these games improve your child’s focus by engaging their mind.

Indoor Activities for 8 year olds – Test Your Drawing Abilities Pictionary

For this classic indoor activities for 8 year olds, all you need is a whiteboard or large easel pad and a marker. One player draws a picture that does not include letters and their partner must guess the corresponding word within a minute (no verbal or non-verbal cues allowed!). The team with the most correct guesses after five rounds wins. Fun drawing games for kids that help in to develop creativity and learn to think on their feet.

Activities for 8 year olds – Decode a Message Word Jumble

Print copies of a list of scrambled words that, when unscrambled and ordered correctly, reveal a secret assignment. Your child must unscramble each word, write the words in a sentence and complete the task. The first child to decode and finish their task wins! For example, if you use the scrambled words “Kaem,” “oYru” and “Edb,” the winner is the first person to make their bed. The Word Jumble indoor games for 8 year olds is an awesome alternative to even some of the best online word games.

Indoor Games for 8 year Olds – Arts and Crafts Ideas Origami

Teach your kids to practice origami using colorful craft paper. This fun indoor activities for 8 year olds is one of our favorite arts and crafts ideas. Origami activates your child’s imagination and improves fine motor and cognitive skills, along with concentration and spatial awareness. One tip: beginners should start with simple origami so they can focus on their folding technique.

Activities for 8 year Olds – Play a Fun Card Game UNO

UNO is the perfect fast-paced activities for 8 year olds at home who are easily bored. This game not only develops kids’ strategic thinking skills, but it also teaches them how to take turns and participate in friendly competition. Your whole family will have a blast playing this game! If you don’t own UNO already, you can create your own deck of cards using construction paper.

Do Household Chores – The Amazing Cleaning Race

The Amazing Cleaning Race creates excitement around completing household chores and duties with things to do with an 8 year old. First, you’ll need to create a set of clues for each child. Each clue includes a cleaning task. They can only receive their next clue once they have completed the last task. The first child to complete their chores and get to the finishing mat wins! Once everyone has finished the race, you can celebrate by watching an episode of The Amazing Race, which teaches world geography.

We know that many kids are feeling restless during these times of uncertainty. We hope you enjoy trying these educational activities for 8 year olds with your child. Check out the rest of our blog for more interactive kids learning games and activities your kids will love.