8 Indoor Fun Games to Improve Your Child’s Decision-Making Skills

October 7, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

The ability to make decisions is an important skill that kids can carry into adulthood. Here are some indoor games for kids to help incorporate decision-making into your child’s daily routine.

Tic Tac Toe

This game is a great way to practice sound decision-making. You first need to assign a symbol to each player — one person is X’s, and the other is O’s. The kids will then need to take turns placing their mark in an open square. The aim is to make a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) with the symbol assigned to them. Kids will need to concentrate on the game closely in order to prevent their opponent from potentially getting a row of three.

Here’s an outline of the game:


First, ask your little one to share their favorite cartoon. Next, ask them which character they would like to play. As they get into character, they will learn how to see the world and make decisions from a different perspective. Osmo can also help your child connect with their favorite cartoon characters through art. Check out our Super Studio games today!

This or That:

Ask your little one to choose between two different things every day. Keep a box of picture cards, point at each picture, and ask your kids to first name the two things. Then, ask them questions like “Would you rather be this or that?” For instance, you could point at an ant and an elephant and ask them which they would rather be and why.

Color the images below!

Yarn Maze:

Use yarn to “draw” a maze at home! Your little one could use a toy car to make their way through the maze. If they get stuck, they need to start from the beginning! The game requires your child to be cautious while making decisions. You could also play this game outdoors by using a piece of chalk to draw your maze.

How the Story Goes:

Read the first few pages of a story your child hasn’t heard before. Then, narrate two alternative paths and ask them to choose which path they like more! For example, you could say “Rabbit decided to eat all his carrots” and “Rabbit decided to eat one carrot and save the rest for later in the journey.” Once they choose a path, they need to tell the rest of the story using their own imagination. One iPad learning game that encourages similar decision-making is Osmo’s Stories!


Pick Up Sticks:

If you don’t have wooden sticks, you could use straws or even twigs for this fun activity. Hold these sticks in your fist and then let them fall onto a table. Your child will need to remove one stick from the pile at a time without moving the other sticks! This game requires kids to recognize which sticks are easier to move compared to the rest.

What’s Cooking?

The dish you prepare will be based on an ingredient of your child’s preference. Ask your little one to go into the kitchen and choose from the various ingredients they see. If your child spots and chooses eggs as the main ingredient for your dish, ask them to once again choose between two dishes — for instance, a crepe or an omelet. 

Check out Osmo’s educational iPad game Pizza Co. for another delicious learning experience.

Test your child’s food vocabulary! – 

Stuck on a Deserted Island:

State a hypothetical scenario to your little one. Ask them, “If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only take three things with you, what would they be?” Ask them to justify why they’ve chosen those items. For instance, if they choose to take three toys, ask, “But what will you eat?” This game is more suitable for older children.

We hope you enjoy playing these indoor fun games with your little one. Osmo offers a wide range of STEM activities for kids that boost kids’ learning and decision-making skills