7 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Home with Creative Fun Games

April 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

As technology has advanced and become even more accessible, entertainment is increasingly being reduced to mentally numbing, physically minimal activities involving mobile devices, TV, and video games as opposed to creative fun games. While screen time boundaries tend to be set in households, it can be easy for them to be stretched when it comes to working parents and nuclear families, and doesn’t necessarily include developmental activities such as creative educational games for preschool. However, children in their formative years are primed to explore and learn and this phase can set the tone for their personal, academic, and professional development. 

A childhood that is full of encounters with family and friends and multisensory and edutainment experiences can ensure they develop creativity and resilience. This interactive learning for kids is also the perfect strategy to help them discover their interests while being fun.

Here are some ideas to keep kids entertained. While some might require adult involvement and supervision, others don’t.  

Board games

Teach kids the joy of board games. Lean on classics like Rise or try other creative games like Monopoly, Chess, Chinese Checkers, and Hangman. These not only keep the kids grounded, these best creative games for kids are also perfect for family bonding and helping your little ones develop interpersonal skills.  Creative Educational Games that are at an intersection of physical and digital can get kids even more engaged. Osmo’s Detective Agency keeps several children occupied, as they solve mysteries and explore the world, sharpening their deductive thinking skills in the process.

Playspaces and activities

Creating structured play and relevant activities work well to keep kids busy indoors. A treasure or scavenger hunt can teach team spirit and is a good workout for the brain. If your kid is big on building, create an indoor obstacle course. Grab chairs, blankets, pillows, and other things around and create an entire trail. Don’t forget to add cushions for forward rolls and pipes to crawl through, great for building motor skills and increasing endurance. 

“If you trust play, you will not have to control your child’s development as much. Play will raise the child in ways you can never imagine.” ~ Vince Gowmon

Storytelling and word games

Meal times are especially a good time for word building and storytelling. Start a letter or begin with a line or two of a story and let each family member add the next letter or part of the story as they go.  While one builds vocabulary the other releases your kids’ imagination. Fun puzzles for kids from Osmo integrates expeditions too an creative fun games!


It’s best to stray from ‘one and done’ toys and choose those that allow for open-ended play. While the former entertains kids, the latter helps kids keep themselves entertained. Osmo’s Creative Set is a STEAM fun creative games for kids to play at home (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) educational game that offers tools to foster creativity and problem-solving skills.


Cooking is a great creative game ideas way to entertain your kids while teaching them a ton of practical skills, healthy food habits, and even math and science. Get them to measure ingredients, squeeze out lemons, mix, and use various cooking or baking utensils.


Kids have pent-up energy that can be leveraged not only for entertainment but to build strength, help them relax, stretch, and get centered in the most holistic way possible. Think exergaming, kids yoga, or dance classes.


There are quite a few resources online that can lend hours of fun if you want to include some screen time an creative game ideas. Depending on their area of interest, get them signed up in a program or activity of their choice, such as writing and illustrating their own book through apps or enjoying virtual tours of museums on their sites or digital platforms.