7 Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day from Home

July 30, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

Today is International Friendship Day! It’s the perfect occasion for kids to reconnect with some of their favorite people. While your child might not be able to celebrate with their friends in person, there are many ways they can spend time together virtually. Here are some fun games to play with friends using video conferencing on this special day:

Freeze Dance Party: Fun Games to Play with Friends

Games to play on friendship day: Set up a video call for your child and their friends and play some tunes on a separate device. Take their standard dance party to the next level by pausing the music sporadically. When the music stops, all dancers must freeze. The last dancer standing wins! If your child plays Osmo’s Coding Jam, you could even use the music they created in the iPad learning game for the dance party.

Name Place Animal Thing: Games on Friendship Day

This is another Zoom-friendly favorite! One person calls out a random letter and the rest of the players must write a name, place, animal, and thing starting with the assigned letter within 15 seconds. Some kids might enjoy drawing objects instead of writing them down. The templates in Osmo’s Masterpiece and Super Studio games make it easy for kids to draw together on this friendship day.

Roll The Die: Friendship Day Games

Get things moving with this fun math games for kids on this friendship day

! Assign an action to each number for all of the kids on the video call. For example, when you roll a 4, all of the kids must do jumping jacks. Or if you roll a 2, everyone must run in place. If you don’t have a die at home, you can just call out numbers in random order. To make the game more challenging, you can use equations like 2+3 to communicate which action comes next. For independent math fun, your kids might like Osmo’s Numbers, Pizza Co. and Math Buzz.

Go Find Something: Games on Friendship Day

This game helps kids burn off some steam and practice their listening skills at the same time. You will want to use a wide range of instructions to build the kids’ vocabulary and math skills. For example, go find something pink; something plastic; something circular; or seven of something. The first child to return on screen with the requested object wins the round!

Storytelling: Fun Games to Play with Friends

Fun games to play with friends: What better way to practice creativity than with stories inspired by a random image generator? To play this game, ask one child to start the story with the image on your shared screen. For example, if it’s a photo of the beach, the child could begin by saying “One day, I was on the beach, when…” After the child has the chance to speak for 10 seconds, the next person has to continue the story using the next randomly generated image. This game taps into the kids’ imagination.

The Compliment Game: Games to Play on Friendship Day

In challenging times, it always helps to have friends make us feel special. Ask the kids to name one thing they love about each person on the call. Even better, once everyone has given their compliments to others, each child can share what they like about themselves on this friendship day.

Trivia Time: Fun Games to Play with Friends

Set up a trivia night based on a topic that your child and their friends know well. If your child enjoys all things Disney, for example, you could prepare questions about Disney shows, movies and iconic characters. Whoever gets the most correct answers right wins!

We hope your little one enjoys playing these fun games to play with friends on this International Friendship Day! If you’re looking for more online learning games for kids, make sure to check out the rest of our website.