7 Fun Games to Play with Kids on World Math Day!

October 15, 2020 / Educator Resources

World Math Day is celebrated on October 15th. Here are a few fun games to play with your child to hone their math skills on this day!

Comparing Numbers

This is a simple number game that can be enjoyed by younger children. First, ask your kids to draw 3 apples on one sheet and 2 on the other. Then, ask them which one is greater or less than the other, or if they’re equal to one another! If your child is facing difficulty drawing, turn to Osmo’s Masterpiece – an interactive drawing tool that can nourish the artist in your child.

Easy Fractions

The next time you order or cook pizza, save some to practice fraction skills! Cut it into half or ¼ to show your kids what fractions mean. You could also use pretend-play pizza, or simply draw pizza on a piece of cardboard/paper. Check out Osmo’s Pizza Co. game to cook up some math and money skills!

Learning Clock

Familiarize your kids with the general concepts of time. For example, tell them that you brush your teeth in the morning before breakfast, take lunch by noon, and go to sleep at night. Once they become aware of these basic activities associated with time, make your own clock! Take a paper plate, fold them into halves (so they form cross-like creases) and write numbers on the clock.

Check your child’s understanding of time with this worksheet:

Human Angles

You could play this game with kids of all ages. Use your arms to teach your kids about various angles (acute, right angle, obtuse, and parallel lines). Then, play some music, pause it at random and say “acute!” and kids need to position their arms properly. The fastest one wins! The music is a great way to check how alert they can be.

Sunshine Addition

Ask your child to draw the sun with a random number on it (for example – 10). Next, place a few narrow strips of paper on it (like the sun’s rays!) and ask kids to write possible numbers that add up to 10 on each of the strips. (7+3 on one strip, 5+5 on another, etc) For tech-driven math fun games for kids that teach addition, subtraction, and measurement, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series!

Measurement Worksheet

Test your child’s measurement skills with this simple worksheet. All they need to do is use a ruler to measure each object on the sheet (and then color them!). Don’t forget to check out Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons – a cohesive measurement game filled with magic!

Word Problems

This is for slightly older kids. Example:

Question 1 – Josh has 6 toy cars and was given 6 more for his birthday. How many toy trucks does he have now? 

Question 2 – Wendy had 16 colored pencils in her pencil case. She gave 4 away to her friends. How many colored pencils does she have left? 

Question 3 – Debbie was baking cupcakes for an occasion. On Saturday she baked 10 cupcakes, on Sunday she baked 5 cupcakes, and on Monday she baked 2 cupcakes. How many cupcakes did she bake altogether?

Question 4 – Mike has read 15 pages of his book. He still has 8 pages left to read. How many pages were in the book altogether?

Question 5 – Ben was growing corn in his garden. He picked 20 cobs of corn, but 13 were rotten and had to be thrown away. How many cobs of corn did he have to eat?

We hope your child enjoys playing these games on World Math Day! If you’re looking for digital-physical math games to play with your child, check out the rest of our website. We even offer a wide range of coding games, STEM games, and educational toys that blend learning and fun.

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