6 Reading Strategies Recommended by Experienced Teachers

September 1, 2021 / Parent Resources

According to experienced teachers, reading practices such as turn-taking, prize-awarding, and reading logs need to be discarded. Instead, they recommend following these 6 reading strategies:

Scaffolded silent reading

As important it is to read silently, it is also important to scaffold the activity by pre-teaching vocabulary to your students. You could even provide a plot overview so they have a better idea of what they will be reading.

Reading accountability partners

The next time you form reading partners, make sure that both of them are accountable for each other’s growth and development. This means, you could have them meet daily for at least 10 minutes to discuss the previous day’s reading. In this way, they can give each other honest feedback and figure out how they can improve their reading.

Teacher read-aloud and modeling

Try to set aside some time for reading aloud to your students every day. This is a great way to model reading strategies and improve pronunciation as well.

Choral reading

In this strategy, the teacher reads aloud with the students to make them feel less anxious about public exposure. Additionally, teachers omit a word from the passage and check if the students can identify this omitted word and say it out loud together.

Building background knowledge

Before you begin reading with your students, try to link this new material to material that they’ve learned in the past. This will reduce the cognitive load for your students. Build background knowledge about the specific topic you’re going to be reading about and pre-teach relevant concepts too.

Old and young reading buddies

Make a young reader and an older reader become reading buddies! This reading strategy will allow the younger students to learn from older, more fluent readers. Similarly, the older student might gain more confidence while reading with a novice reader.

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