Celebrate Labor Day with Creative Games to Play with Kids

September 4, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

This year in particular, Labor Day is a moment for all of us to reflect on the many contributions of essential workers to our communities. Here are some fun activities to try and creative games for kids to play that honor to celebrate labor day.

Thank You Letters: Labor Day Games

Labor day games: Ask your child to write thank you letters to a few dedicated workers of their choosing. They might decide to write to the mailman, a fast-food worker, a teacher, or the housekeeper. Encourage your child to decorate their note with creative drawings. If your child isn’t writing just yet, they can color in this thank you artwork instead to celebrate labor day at home!

A Bag of Goodies: Celebrate Labor Day

Another way to celebrate Labor Day with your child is by preparing goodie bags for your favorite workers. Put a bottle of water, a granola bar, and a hand sanitizer in each bag. You can even bake some treats with your child’s help to include in each gift an labor day celebration.

Footprint Vehicle: Labor Day Games

In this activity, kids will draw their favorite work vehicles using their feet! First, apply paint to the bottom of your child’s foot and have them step on blank paper. Then, give them markers or crayons to turn their footprint into a mail truck, a fire truck, a garbage truck, or a bus. Transforming the print can be challenging, but that’s what makes this activity so much fun an labor day games!

Professions Collage: Games to Play on Labor Day

Introduce your child to the many types of jobs in the world by looking at images of different workers in newspapers and magazines together-celebrate labor day. Your child can then cut out the images to make a collage. Once that’s done, they could reflect on what profession they would like to have in the future.

The Right Tool for the Job: Labor Day Games Online

Ask your child to draw the tools involved in certain professions an labor day games online. For instance, a mic (for a singer), a stethoscope (for a doctor), or a palette (for a painter). If your child is having difficulty drawing these items, they could use Osmo’s iPad drawing games for kids Masterpiece!

Here’s a worksheet for your child to learn about the specific tools different workers use:

Word Jumble: Celebrate Labor Day

Once you’ve explored a range of professions, print a list of jumbled job titles for your child to unscramble. Here’s one list you can use to celebrate labor day — feel free to add professions to it!

(Answer key: 1) Plumber, 2) Artist, 3) Doctor, 4) Lawyer, 5) Mailman, 6) Teacher, 7) Scientist, 8) President, 9) Waiter, 10) Musician)

Still looking for more creative games to play at home? Check out the rest of our site for STEM activities for kids and interactive learning games that your child will love!