5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

August 4, 2021 / Parent Resources

Have you been trying to improve your child’s attention span? Check out the tips below.

Give clear instructions

Make eye contact with your child when you give instructions, and remember to keep those instructions crisp and concise. This leaves no room for confusion. To ensure your child completes the particular task, be physically near them instead of giving instructions from a different room.

Break down the tasks

Instead of saying something like “clean your room”, you could say “first, pick up the socks lying around, and then I’ll tell you what to do next”. When you break down tasks in this way, kids are more likely to pay close attention to you.

Encourage kids to exercise

Kids who are more active have a stronger attention span than those who aren’t. Set aside some time for outdoor activities to get your child up and moving. Try to take breaks between assignments as well.

Praise efforts

When your child doesn’t feel acknowledged, it’s natural for them to avoid paying attention to you. In addition to praising them for successfully completing an activity, praise them for their efforts too. This will make them feel more validated and self-confident.

Add creativity to mundane tasks

Having a routine is great, but it could also cause your child to lose interest in a specific activity. Adding creativity to mundane tasks could greatly improve attention span. For example, encourage your child to use toy cars and lego blocks to form letters instead of writing on paper with a pencil.

With these tips, we hope to improve the attention span of students. For interactive games for kids and activities, check the rest of our Osmo.