5 Tips to Get Back Into the School Routine After Summer Break

September 2, 2021 / Parent Resources

Making the switch from summer to school can seem challenging. Hopefully, these 10 tips will help your child get back into their school routine.

Start setting your alarm

Before school starts, reintroduce your kids to alarms. Every day, they could wake up a little earlier than the previous day. This will eventually make them feel better adjusted to their school routine.

Get organized

Make sure you have all the inventory your kids need to get back to school. If you seem organized, your kids are more likely to be organized too! Your kids can even help you do some cleaning around the house. They say your environment can often influence your mood, so some cleaning could definitely help your child feel less stressed about school.

Set aside some time for reading and writing

Make sure your child reads at least 20 pages of a book every day. They can then pick new words they’ve learned and write them down. This will help get your child’s brain fired up again just in time for school.

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Familiarize your child with school

Before school begins, you could visit your child’s school, check out the playground, and meet their teachers. Your child’s confidence is definitely going to improve after this.

Set realistic expectations

Let your child know that they’re bound to take a few weeks to get completely adjusted to their school routine, no matter how much you prepare them. It’s hard to let the care-free summer days go, but there’s a lot of good that can come out of routine-based school schedules!

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