5 Tips to Fuel Your Child’s Curiosity with Interactive Social Games

April 7, 2021 / Parent Resources

There are many ways to encourage curiosity in kids, from reading to them to providing them with interactive social game to play. It’s likely you read to and played learning games with your kids when they were younger. But did you know that a child’s curiosity can diminish if you don’t continue feeding it as they grow? Keeping a child’s curiosity intact is critical to success in school and in life. 

Here are some simple strategies to help fuel their pre k interactive games sense of wonder.

Get outside

While classroom lessons can spark curiosity, one guaranteed way to inspire kids is by letting them explore their natural interests. Take cues from your child when it comes to supporting their passions. For instance, if you notice your child loves astronauts, plan a trip to the science museum. After your visit, encourage your child to make a collage or write about what you saw at the museum. This will keep your child engaged in the interactive social game learning process.

Make it child’s play

Kids love to play. So, why not channel their playful energy into indoor fun games and interactive educational games for kids that are educational?

Osmo’s Newton, for example, teaches kids interactive learning about physics with pinball-like gameplay. Kids must use real-world objects on the surface in front of them to guide virtual balls on their device screen. The mystery box challenge, meanwhile, is a fun way to hone language skills. Fill a box with random objects and cut a hole just large enough for your child’s hand to slide through. Ask them to describe the different objects and hear what they have to say!

Do things differently: Interactive Learning for Kids

If your child’s hobbies are routinized, changing things up can keep the activity exciting. If your child plays the drums, they could “practice” with paint brushes, paint and stretched canvas instead. Similarly, you can let them play pre k interactive games like Numbers instead of giving worksheets for kids.

Lend an ear: Kids Interactive Learning

You might be surprised by how much kids have to say when you truly listen to them. Watch for moments when they seem lost in thought or observation. Then, ask them if they’d like to share their thoughts.

Allow a little messiness: Interactive Educational Games for Kids

Overly structured play limits learning and exploration. A space that allows kids to get messy without doing any damage boosts their capacity to imagine and innovate. Let your child use her hands to paint, play in the mud, and build structures from household objects. Give your kids the space, resources, and interactive educational games for kids need to keep their curiosity alive. It’s the surest way to inspire a love for learning that will last a lifetime.