5 Simple Social-Emotional Learning Activities for Kids

August 5, 2021 / Parent Resources

When children develop social-emotional skills, they gain the ability to process their emotions, maintain positive relationships, achieve goals, and show empathy towards others. Here are a few social-emotional learning activities for kids at home to help children develop these core skills.

Scribble Away

Having overwhelming emotions can make it difficult to focus on a specific task. Have your child scribble away their emotions on paper and they’re sure to feel calmer. 

Vision Board

In order to set and achieve goals, one must have a clear vision. No matter how small these goals may seem (it could be as simple as reading one page of a book every day), it’s a great idea to jot these down on a board. 

Empathy in Action

The next time you watch a movie, pause it and discuss how the actors are feeling. You could even ask your kids “How would you feel if this happened to you?” Once you’ve started this discussion, you could talk about empathy and social cues in detail. This activity is a great way to develop social emotional skills.

Are You Listening?

Developing strong listening skills helps kids make better connections with others. For this activity, simply pair kids together and have them take turns talking about themselves for a minute. Later, test each of them and find out how well they truly listened to each other.

Role Play

Role playing is one among the best social-emotional learning activities. As kids interact with others to act out real-life situations, they hone their verbal and non-verbal communication skills while gaining a better understanding of the world. Explore kids learning activities and games for kids at Osmo.