5 Offline Coding Games for ‘Hour of Code’

December 4, 2020 / Parent Resources

The main goal of the nationwide ‘Hour of Code’ initiative is to introduce kids to one hour of computer programming. Here are some interactive kids games for kids best coding websites to celebrate the hour of code –

My Robotic Friends-Basic Coding for Kids:

Basic Coding for Kids: Break kids into pairs, and have one of them write instructions in the form of arrows. This child would be the programmer. The other child – the human-robot – needs to look at the arrows and follow the instructions thoroughly. It could be a simple cup-stacking activity or an obstacle-course activity where a child needs to make their way across the room without brushing against any furniture along the way.

Transforming Pictures Into Codes-Best Coding Websites:

For this fun coding dance party activity, all you need is a pencil and a paper with a grid on it. (the grid squares need to be easy to color in) For example, if you want your images to look like the ones below, your kids would need to color in the grid without looking at these images. Take a look at the numbers provided for picture 1 and picture 2. Remember, every second number corresponds to a black square! So, for picture 1, your child would need to leave the first 2 squares white, and color squares 3-9 black an learn coding for beginners.