5 Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

June 23, 2021 / Parent Resources

The earlier you build a framework for literacy for your child, the more likely they are to grow to love reading and writing. We’ve listed some fun literacy activities for preschoolers below.

Kick Letter Cups

Write a letter on each plastic cup and line these cups up in a row. Ask your child to kick a soft ball towards these letter cups. Once they’ve kicked it, they need to say the name of the particular letter on the cup. An alternative is to first call out the name of a letter and then have your child aim for the corresponding cup.

Osmo’s ABCs game makes for one of the best literacy activities for preschoolers. In this digital-physical game, kids get to build letters using squishy sticks & rings.

Jump on Alphabet Pillows

Here’s one of the best early literacy activities for kids at home. It’s also a wonderful way to burn off excess energy. All you have to do is write a letter on each paper plate and tape the plates to some pillows. Arrange these pillows around the room so that your child can jump on each pillow. Try not to place the pillows too far apart; this way, your child can jump from pillow to pillow without touching the floor.

And remember, they must say the name of the letter out loud as they jump to each pillow.

Play Alphabet Ball

Looking for more fun literacy activities? We’ve got another great one for you. It’s really simple and fun. To begin, you must first write letters on a beach ball. Next, have your child throw the ball to another player. When the child catches it, they should be able to identify the letter that’s facing them. If they’re older kids, you could have them say a word that starts with that letter.

Make Alphabet Sensory Bins

Cut out letters from cardboard and place them in a bin. Fill up this bin with sand, toys, and anything else you like. Children could sift through these items, find the letter cutouts and try to identify each letter. We think this would be one of the best literacy activities!

Create Fingerprint Letters

If your child is able to now read letters, they could practice writing them too. First, call out names of different letters. Then, have your child dip their finger in paint to form those letters on paper. This could turn out to be one of the most fun literacy games for kids. Especially if your child isn’t able to get a firm grip on a pencil yet, painting with fingers works like magic.

We hope your child enjoys these literacy games for preschoolers and early literacy activities. For more fun activities, check the rest of our website.