5 Fun Writing Activities for Kids

August 3, 2021 / Parent Resources

Does your child believe they’re not good at writing? We’ve got some fun games for kids that could help them become more confident writers.

Write a graphic novel

Simply print a comic strip template (or have your kids draw their very own template) with speech bubbles and the works, and have your kids fill those bubbles with any content they want.

Collaborative story writing 

Pair kids in twos and have them take turns to write their own story. They could write alternative paragraphs / sections / pages!

Rewrite an ending

Does your child have a favorite story? Have them rewrite the ending of that story by giving it a fun twist!

Photographic writing

Present each child with a picture of anything. Have them observe it carefully and write a story based on the image.

Dictate and rewrite

This would test their listening skills too. Simply dictate a story to your children and then have them rewrite it in their own words.

We hope these activities will boost your child’s writing skills. For more fun writing games for kids and educational activities, check the rest of our website.