5 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas You Can Do At Home

April 1, 2021 / Parent Resources

If you’re cooped up with your kids at home, you’re probably looking for games and activities that can help them get their energy out. Fun Scavenger Hunt are an ideal form of in-home entertainment because they combine physical activity with an interactive fun learning game. We’ve rounded up our favorite games for kids for building problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. You can even time the hunt if you want to make these indoor scavenger hunt more challenging. So, grab a notebook and let the search begin!

The Bookshelf Search: Scavenger Hunt Game

This hunt encourages kids to flip through a few books, and may even inspire them to read their favorites again. Here’s one list you can use for your home library hunt:

  • A book with 150 pages
  • A book with an animal character
  • A book of maps
  • A book by a specific author
  • A book with a specific word in its title

The Numbers Hunt: Scavenger Hunt Game

Challenge your kids to spot the group of items you’re looking at by solving an equation, for example  “5 + 4 pens” or “ 9 – 2 cookies.” Ask them to count the objects when they find them to polish their math skills. Kids can play Osmo’s Newton to take the game up a notch, placing the items they found in their indoor scavenger hunt in the playing field to guide balls to their targets on the iPad screen.

The Shape Game: Scavenger Hunt Game

A modified version for tots is a form, color or texture hunt. This creative games for kids for 3-year-olds could include looking for a shape in the clouds or bringing back everything in a room that is red or shiny. If your little one is a budding artist, they can use Osmo’s Masterpiece game to draw the objects they collected.

The Outside Edition: Scavenger Hunt Game

Teach your kids all there is to discover in their own backyard with this fun indoor scavenger hunt. As they look for everything from birdhouses to weeds, they also get a great lesson in earth science!

The Cryptic Code: Scavenger Hunt Game

If you’re looking for a way to get the whole family involved, this is the game for you. First, create clues by writing individual letters on flashcards that will be combined to spell the mystery word. Next, hide the flashcards around the house. Once all of the clues are collected, task the kids with decoding and revealing the mystery word.

If younger kids are playing the game, you might want to help them out by giving them Hangman-style hints. Hopefully these educational learning games ideas offer some inspiration for how to enjoy the stay-at-home period! After all, as Roald Dahl said, “Life is more fun if you play games.”