5 Fun Learning Games to Inspire Future Readers

June 29, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

It’s important to avoid making pre-reading education yet another chore for your child. If kids feel forced to read, they may grow to dislike the activity altogether. By turning pre-reading into an interactive experience with fun learning games, you can help your kids learn to love language.

Picture Reading

If you’re looking for creative games for kids to play that promote language skills, try this fun activity! All you need is a family photo album. As you flip through the pages, you and your child can take turns describing what you see using full sentences, one image at a time. This exercise helps kids develop speech fluency, expand their vocabulary and build confidence!

Matching Game

Create a set of picture and word flashcards for your little ones to match! To win this game, they will also need to read the words aloud while matching. Being able to associate words with images is an essential pre-reading skill. Osmo’s Words is another game that helps your little genius expand their vocabulary and connect pictures with meaning.

Snakes and Ladders – Words Edition

Add a fun twist to the popular game Snakes and Ladders by replacing all of the numbers on the board with easy words. If you don’t have the official game board, you can always print an unofficial one. This remixed version of the classic game reinforces vocabulary and improves word recognition and reading comprehension. Remember, the best learning games for kids are those that blend learning and fun!

Hopscotch Spelling Bee 

Take learning outdoors with this fun game! To play, you will need a piece of chalk to draw a hopscotch design with a letter in each box and a few folded scraps of paper with easy words written on them. If a child opens a scrap with the word “apple” on it, they will have to hop on the letter A once, P twice, L once, and E once. Encourage the kids to state the letters out loud as they skip. You can even set a time limit to ramp up the excitement! 

Bedtime Storytelling

Reading to your kids at bedtime not only introduces them to new words, but it also helps them retain these words in their memory. Along with phonics games for kids, bedtime stories lay the foundation for independent reading.

It can be challenging to get your little one excited about reading. Luckily, with these fun learning games, your child will look forward to reading as a part of the daily routine! For more educational toys for kids and interactive kids games, visit our website.