5 Fun Father’s Day Activities

June 11, 2021 / Parent Resources

Looking for ways to make Pops feel special on Father’s Day? We’ve listed some fun Father’s Day activities he might enjoy.

Conduct a Treasure Hunt

Got a present for dad? Have him hunt for it around your house! All you have to do is prepare exciting clues that lead him to the gift/treasure. If you haven’t got him a present, a treasure hunt is still one of the most awesome Father’s Day games to play indoors or outdoors.

Make a Meal

You could either cook together to spend some quality time with dad, or maybe cook up his favorite meal on your own (with help from mom!). While you eat together, you both could watch his favorite movie.

Put on a Show

This Father’s Day, wear funny costumes and put on a show for dad. Whether it’s a skit, talent show, or a stand-up comedy, we’re sure your dad will thoroughly enjoy it.

Take an Interest in His Hobby

Does dad like gardening? Or maybe he loves playing chess? Even if these hobbies don’t appeal to you, you could still participate in his favorite hobby. This will make him feel very special, and it could turn out to be one of the best Father’s Day interactive activities for kids.

Make a Scrapbook

Got lots of old photos at home? Make a scrapbook out of those! You could do this activity along with your dad, or simply make it by yourself and gift it to him.

Additionally, one of the best Father’s Day activities would be playing Osmo together. Our interactive educational games for kids blur the line between learning and fun!