5 Alphabet Games for Kids

June 29, 2021 / Parent Resources

These alphabet games for kids are everything you need to build your child’s early literacy skills through play!

Memory Match

Print a few index cards. Write both uppercase and lowercase letters on separate cards. Place them face down. Finally, ask your child to flip the cards over. The goal is to find the uppercase and lowercase letters to make a match! Isn’t this one of the most fun alphabet games?

Alphabet Hunt

Print all the letters of the alphabet and hide them all around the house. Kids must be able to find every letter. Once they do, they must also find items that begin with those letters. For example, after your child finds “A”, they could look for an apple! Continue to read for more alphabet learning games.

Straw Letters

This is one of the most creative alphabet games for kids. For this game, your child should cut straws and arrange the segments in the shape of letters!

Alphabet Hopscotch

A game of hopscotch could serve as an effective learning tool! Draw the grids with chalk on your driveway. Then, write a letter on each grid. Test your child’s alphabet recognition skills by calling out a letter. All they should do is hop to that particular letter.

Nature Writing

Here’s another of our favorite alphabet learning games. Go on a nature walk with your child and have them collect as many things they can find. They could hunt for rocks, leaves, and plants. Then, have them arrange these items to form a letter of the alphabet.

For digital-physical alphabet games for kids, check out Osmo’s ABCs!