4 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

May 4, 2021 / DIY & Printable

Looking for more ways to make mom feel special? These DIY Mother’s Day gifts for kids ideas might help!

What are some handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Eraser Bracelet: To make this super cute DIY Mother’s Day gift, all you’ll need are mini erasers, scissors, some thread, and a needle.

First, cut your thread and thread the needle, then poke this needle through your mini eraser. Slide your eraser and continue adding more mini erasers so that the thread is stretched. Lastly, secure the knot and you’re done! Slide it over mom’s hand. She’s going to love it.

Reasons Why I Love You: If you’re looking for Mother’s Day craft ideas, we’ve got the best one for you!

Let mom know how much she means to you and why with a flip-through book. You could even make mini envelopes and write thoughtful letters and put those letters in those envelopes. 

Kitchen Tool Painting: Dip kitchen tools in pastel paint for Mother’s Day! During the pandemic, it might be difficult to go out as much and shop for special gifts. So painting mom’s kitchen tools at home could be one of the best DIY gifts for mom.

To Do List: Make mom’s life a little easier by making a cute to-do list! Does mom have a hair appointment today? Or maybe she has to do laundry? You could write a list of things that she might have to do on a clipboard.

What are popular gifts for Mother’s Day?

Clothes, jewelry and flowers are usually popular and common on Mother’s Day. However, mom is sure to love our handmade, easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts too!

What unique gift can you give to your mother?

Treat mom to a delicious breakfast in bed. Even if you’re not an expert at cooking, it’s the thought that matters! 

You could even simply organize the house and make it look as neat and tidy as possible. 

Even just spending a lot of quality time with mom and having heart-to-heart conversations are enough to make mom feel delighted and moved.

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