3 Homemade Preschool Toys

July 1, 2021 / Parent Resources

Here are a few easy-to-make preschool toys your little ones will love!

Stuffed Felt Letters

To make these preschool toys, you’ll need wool felt, thread, needle, scissors, pins, and printed letters. 

First, place your printed letters on your felt and create an outline. Then, cut the felt along the outlines. This is the “stuffing” for your letters. Remember to print two sets of letters to go on the front and back of your felt! Pin the letters together, and then use your thread and needle to sew them shut. Your stuffed felt letters are ready.

Construction Set

This makes one of the best toys for preschoolers. For this, all you’ll need is some sturdy cardboard, and a pair of scissors.

Cut your cardboard into squares, and then use your scissors to make V-shaped slits in them. Present these squares to your child and watch them build anything they like! They could make animals, structures, and vehicles.

Personal Fort / Tent

Materials you’ll need to make your tent include: some jute rope, bamboo sticks, a large sheet, and clothespins.

Position your bamboo sticks into the ground to make them look like inverted V’s. This serves as the opening of your tent. Wrap the sticks with your jute rope. Then, drape a large sheet around the sticks. Secure the sheet to the sticks with clothespins. Use your clothespins wherever necessary to ensure the sheet doesn’t fall off. Finally, make your tent cozy by placing a blanket inside, along with some throw pillows.

Tents serve as one of the best educational toys for kids because they encourage children to get creative! Tents could also provide your child with the personal space they need to solve puzzles, read books, and play with their toys. Independent play is, after all, important to a kids learning process.