10 Kindergarten Games That Make Math Easy and Fun

April 5, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Children (and adults) often ask, “Where’s the fun in math?” Since math involves a lot of deep thinking and problem solving, it can be frustrating for kids. These games for kids are here to make math learning a whole lot more appealing!

Number Sentence-Math Games for Kindergarten:

The next time you sit down to have a meal together, use food to state an equation using numbers! For example, you could say “If I eat 1 sandwich and you eat 2, how many sandwiches did we eat in all?” As you ask this question, make sure to point at the sandwiches too, so kids can properly grasp the concept of addition and counting by these fun math games for kids

Here’s a kindergarten games worksheet you could use:

Missing Numbers-Kindergarten Math Games:

Place 1 pencil in front of your child. Then, place 2 pencils right next to the first pencil. Next, place 5 pencils. Ask your child to carefully observe these pencils and then spot what’s missing. This kindergarten math games will improve your child’s counting skills too! Below is a worksheet that can help your child spot missing numbers! 

Practice Counting Backwards an Math Games for Kindergarten:

Educational games for kindergarten: Now that your child has learned how to count, why not teach them how to count backward? You could either use the same prop as above (pencils) or even use skittles to make this kindergarten math games activity more exciting (and delicious!) Place 5 skittles in front of your child. Feed them 1 and ask them how many are left. Let them continue eating all 5 one by one until the skittles are over! This is a great way to teach them subtraction too.

Use this kindergarten games online worksheet below:

Subtraction an Kindergarten Math Games:

Take a look at this simple worksheet to teach your child subtraction. If you’re looking for plugged-in, math games for kindergarten that teach math, check out Osmo’s Numbers and Math Buzz. Suitable for ages 6-10, these educational games for kindergarten blur the line between learning and fun!

Count and Color an Kindergarten Math Games:

Does your child love to color? This could be a super fun kindergarten games activity for them! In the worksheet below, your child will have to count the number of blocks in each building (and write the number on the line) and then color these blocks.

Connect the Dots Using Numbers an Kindergarten Games:

In this simple activity, all your child has to do is connect all the dots and then color the image that forms. If you’re looking for some iPad learning games an kindergarten games that can hone your child’s creativity and pre-drawing skills, check out’s Osmo’s Squiggle Magic. Perfect for ages 3-5, this kindergarten games lets your child create anything they want using squishy sticks and rings.

Match the Numbers and Words an Kindergarten Math Games:

Your little one will need to count, and then match each image with its associate word and number. They can also color these images after they’re done. Check out some of Osmo’s early learning kindergarten games on our website!

Comparison Activity an Kindergarten Games:

Below are pots of gold. The black circles represent how much gold exists inside the pot. Ask your child to count these black circles and then color the pot that has more gold than the other. You could introduce words such as “more than”, and “less than” in this kindergarten math activity games.

Educational Games for Kindergarten an Measurement Game:

This is a great way to introduce your child to new vocabulary, such as “tall”, and “short”. In the image below, ask your child to see how tall each animal is. Then, ask them to color each image. You could also introduce them to more animal names apart from the ones below. 

Check out Osmo’s interactive learning kindergarten games that improve your child’s vocabulary!

Learning Geometry an Math Games for Kindergarten:

First introduce your child to each shape. Ask them to identify how a triangle, square, circle, and rectangle looks like. Then, you could use this kindergarten games worksheet to check their understanding of shapes. Provide a color code – for instance – tell them, triangle = red, square = yellow, rectangle = blue, circle = pink. 

Osmo’s Tangram is one such iPad kindergarten games online that improves spatial skills.

If you enjoyed these kindergarten games for kids, Osmo offers several more educational kindergarten games for kids of various ages. With each game, your child will develop important stem activities for kids, logical thinking skills, and creativity!